Tam Tam Gets Mad

The first book of the new series by Charles Anderson

In the first book of this new series, Tam Tam uses anger to deal with his fear and embarrassment. His best friend, Mellie, shows him that it’s OK to be afraid.

About the series

Welcome to Tam Tam's World

Young people face challenges all the time - many of which go unnoticed by adults, who are facing their own. As kids learn to read they can can also learn about themselves and each other. The Tam Tam's World series of books introduces young readers to self-reliance and self-determination. They show them that in addition to adults, their friends can be an important resource for understanding the world.
What Tam Tam's World is about

Kids Learning About Themselves and Their Relationships with Others

With an emphasis on learning facts and concepts in school, we sometimes forget that school is also place where children learn about themselves and how they fit in the world. They discover likes and dislikes, who their real friends are and what makes them so. School is a place where they can learn to cope, and master their feelings.

The goal of the Tam Tam’s World series of books is to reinforce the emotional development that can take place in the classroom.

(It’s also a good reminder for adults.)

We love our illustrations!

With his beautiful illustrations, Bela Arga brings color and life to Tam Tam and his friends. We feel so lucky to have found him and look forward to working with him on many more projects!



Life Lesson

"You can be mad, but you may not be disrespectful."

Acknowledging a child’s feelings does not mean we give them license to disrespect property or any other person.

Tam Tam Gets Mad

Meet some of the characters!

About the author

Charles Anderson

Charles started writing stories at an early age. They were often filled with adventure and humor. While he pursued other paths in his life, he continued to tell stories – sometimes in song writing, other times in play writing and later, in film.

His wife Joyce has been Charles’ muse throughout their 40 years together and the Tam Tam series was the latest in her influence on his creativity.

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Welcome to Tam Tam’s World!

My wife and muse, Joyce, has been an educator for 30 years. After 15 years of teaching high school, she returned to the  elementary classroom

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